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Resense 025

by Resense



what do you need to know......something about ground floor flat in one of berlins old blocks, eating eggs and spinach, listening to the cramps radio show.
''What about we start a soundsystem post jug band
pre rock n blues, dealing in some nasty rhythm and some ten bit soul, get ourselves two cheap mics and one of them bull horns.''"

So we did. Ladies & Gents step right up !


Poet, mountebank, musician, physician, beast showman, and to some extent diviner and sorcerer, he is also the orator of the public marketplace, the man adored by the crowd to whom he offers his songs and his couplets. Questions of morals and politics, toothache, pious legends, scandalous tales about priests, noble ladies, and cavaliers, gossip of grog shops, and news from the Holy Land are all in his domain.

His music straight from the Underground, not quite complete unless you can visualize the dancers who respond to it: the solo exhibitionists like the cigar-puffing, rubber-legged man and the woman whose pelvic grinding would shame any burlesque queen, and this amid a room filled with thrusting , swaying couples including, invariably, one in which a young man's joyous movement is gradually breaking down the shy reserve of his partner. shouting out loud : “Rock 'n' Rogall !“


released January 25, 2000


all rights reserved


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